SHMS - Saudi OER Network

About SHMS – Saudi OER Network

"SHMS" the Saudi OER Network, is the main initiative of the National Open Education Resources Program, and it is a national platform that offers secure and reliable educational resources for all students, teachers, faculties, parents, and interested people without the need of registration on "SHMS".

The National Open Education Resources Program is a national program that aims in enriching the educational content to support education. This program seeks to find a sustainable path to partnership and it will contribute in providing more educational opportunities for Arabic speakers. This would be achieved through partnerships with institutions and specialized entities from both the government and private sectors by opening the way for higher education faculties and teachers in public education, and interested people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enrich the content through a well-defined process to ensure quality. For more information visit:

Program Objectives

  • Contributing to the quality of lifelong education.
  • Enhancing the quality and accessibility of teaching and learning resources.
  • Coordinating in developing creative digital content services and educational practices within the pedagogical framework.
  • Strengthen the coordination in design, development and quality assurance of OER.
  • Establish the best open educational practices, products, and outstanding processes through self-evaluation and peer review.
  • Encourage researchers and developers to conduct studies and propose guidelines and solutions to enhance the OER system.

Who will benefit from this program?

Saudi Educational institutions, their faculty members, students, and lifelong learners.

About NCEL

National Center for e-Learning (NCeL) has emerged, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, as a leader, supervisor, and supporter of e-Learning for public and higher education. We aspire to become a melting pot of Saudi education system’s experience in the field of e-Learning, and to pave the way for a promising future through honest competition and widened horizons.
The center is pursuant to of the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the empowerment of creative innovation, supporting the Saudi education system’s role in the building of a 21st century Saudi society and a new generation of Saudi learners. Learn More

About OER

Open Educational Resources, or OER, offer opportunities for systemic change in teaching and learning through accessible content, and importantly, through teacher-led knowledge sharing processes. By developing structures for sharing, the aim for OER is to bring participants into a more fair and level playing field for learning.