SHMS Training Academy

Your one stop shop for all you need to know about Open Education Resources and SHMS.

About The Academy

Welcome to the SHMS Training Academy Hub.  The Academy was assembled to guide you through the platform and to provide a space for learning about OER.

The Training Academy consists of 2 Live Sessions and 4 Levels of training. Each level includes a set of modules. We have designed these modules to first spark the learner's interest in the topics covered and then dig deeper into the content through presentations, storytelling, and demonstrations of the tools. We will offer opportunities for learners to practice exploring the resources and tools, and reflect on how they might use them in their work. Participants who will be site administrators of SHMS will also take part in our Admin Training Course once the aforementioned 4 levels are completed.

SHMS Training Academy Agenda




Topics Covered






Level 1: Introduction to OER


Module 1 - Overview of the what, why, and how of OER; including an exploration in open licensing and a showcase

of OER use cases from around the world

Module 2 - Content Discovery: identify teaching and learning goals, search and browse collections

Module 3 - Curation and Collaboration of OER with groups, shared folders and discussions



Level 2: Evaluation


Module 1 - Quality: participants reflect and share their quality criteria for teaching and learning

materials they use

Module 2 - Tools for Evaluating: explore digital tools for assessing OER



Level 3: Authoring and Remixing


Module 1 - Authoring Toolset: demonstration of Open Author and Module Builders

Module 2 - OER Design: discover instructional design supports, including templates

Module 3 - OER Remix: overview of the what, why, and how of remixing OER



Level 4: Open Education Practice for

curriculum improvement


Deep dive into the feedback, refinement, reflection, and revision process









How to Complete Your Academy Training

Above is the training agenda and outline of the topics covered in this training. You will notice that the 4 training levels are not set to dates and times. This is because the course is designed to be self-directed. This means that you will be responsible for your own participation, and your progress will be based on your time commitment throughout each day.